Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

DAY 90

The Housemates are awoken by Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" and the day doesn't get off to a good start, with Big Brother asking Aisleyne to return all the previous night's musical task equipment. Jennie, however, is keen to keep her blonde wig from the task. Aisleyne, however, is not keen to lie to Big Brother, with Jennie exasperated ("Aisleyne, just tell em i'm looking for it").

Jennie herself is then called into the Diary Room to unconvincingly explain why she couldn't find the wig in question.


Aisleyne, Jennie, Pete, and Nikki then do the seemingly weekly ritual of dying Glyn's hair, Jennie commenting "It'll either fall out or go green".

There then followed a task, where the Housemates had to write their "future autobiography". Nikki in particular was having problems coming to terms with this task, so Jennie took her under her wing to help. Jennie's autobiography was more realistic than most. "When I left Big Bro I partied for a year, before moving to Australia to become a personal trainer and partying away the rest of my life". On the way she picked up two pugs, learned to surf, white water rafted and met the man of her dreams. But there was ten years of hardcore partying too. Festivals, raves, clubs. "Big Brother opened my eyes and I realised I could do anything".

Later that evening, the Housemates were presented with their finished biographies in book form. "They put all the spelling mistakes wrong in it.........but I love my book," Jennie said.

Glyn and Jennie then moved to the garden

glyn jen bitch






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