Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

DAY 80

"I feel like I'm dead inside," Jennie whinged as she unpacked her case. "I'm sick of my clothes," Imogen moaned. "I've not worn hardly anything. I can't be bothered in here," Jennie grumbled again.

Jennie is the Big Brother board game champion and has only gone and won a ticket into the final week. She's over the freaking moon about it!

Poor Richard picked up a bum Diary Room card and halfway through the game was sent back to the start. Gutted. But Pete won a letter from home and as for Jennie, well she was the first to get to Day 80 and her prize was to receive immunity from the next eviction.

Reaching the final square on the board, game champion Jennie was called to the Diary Room to collect her prize. While her housemates watched on the plasma screen in the lounge, a petrified Jennie waited to find out what fate held in store for her.

Victoriously waving a bottle of champagne, Jennie was told to open the prize envelope. She was expressionless as she stared at the card and her housemates expected the worst. They sat with open mouths waiting for Jennie to announce her prize.

Finally a big smile crept onto the board game winner's face and she read in shock: "Congratulations. The bearer of this ticket gets a free pass to the Big Brother final...the bearer is immune from next week's eviction!" Jennie then started to get a little over excited and ranted: "I am gonna p***! I don't know what to do!"

Jennie then ran out of the Diary Room and her housemates were there to greet her with screams and hugs. "I'm in the final!" Jennie screeched, "I've never been in the final of anything!"

With little going on in the House after today's task, Glyn, Imogen, Aisleyne and Jennie have retreated to the bedroom for a group nuzzle.

But while they shared the duvet and told jokes, Jennie came up with the oddest idea...

"Do you feel like any minute now everyone's going to jump out from behind the bed and go 'only kidding!'," she said, in reference to housemates of the past.

"Aaaah," grinned Aisleyne, clearly having had similar feelings.

"Yeah, innit?" agreed Imogen.

"You do feel like there's gonna be..." dreamed Aisleyne, possibly predicting a twist.

"...'and you thought we'd gone'," continued Jennie mimicking a surprise housemate voice.

"No babe, they are gone," concluded Aisleyne, cuddling Glyn.

"You gave me false hope then," Glyn said to Jennie.

Oh brother, if only they knew...

pete letter from home

Jennie and Pete were up to some midnight snacking tonight and it became clear why the two are good friends.

In the kitchen in between waiting for milk to warm and muching chocolate and cereal, the pair were talking about the lack of exercise they had been getting in the House.

Both resolved that they would go to the gym when they get out and Pete declared firmly: "I'm going to do a proper work out tomorrrow." Ooh wonder if Jennie will join in or just watch? (ready for bed pics white)The conversation soon moved on though and Pete started complimenting Jennie.

"Thanks for dinner, it was wicked," he said.

"Really?" Jennie said, surprised. "Easily pleased aren't you Pete? It was only a bit of meat"

"That was a proper dinner, it had potatos, black pudding, onion, peas, meat and egg," Pete confirmed.

"And grilled tomato, get the compliment right," Jennie giggled.

So there you have it, he can't stop complimenting her, she can't stop ribbing him.



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