Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

DAY 91

It's Welsh Big Brother today, with all announcements and Diary Room visits conducted in Glyn's native tongue. During the early part of the day, Jennie and Aisleyne had a heart to heart about bad crowd reactions.

Aisleyne: "My book is black. That's why I'm wearing black today. Your book is purple, that indicates love... Black is death."
Jennie: In Christianity purple is sorrow."
Aisleyne: "I don't think they're Christians. I want it over and done with, I can't take all this stress I'm finding it hard... worrying all the time. I never dreamt I'd feel like this. I'm not knocking it, it's the best experience I've ever had in my life, but it's not knowing what's out there. I'm s****** myself... cacking my pants."
"Fix up, hun".

Then came a task whereby each Housemate had to give another a speech. Jennie's subject was Glyn; "If he won it would be a big achievement, one of his biggest memories. And Wales would be so proud of him. Watching him grow up and turn into a man, a fully-grown wicked dude, is brilliant. And he should win because he's hungry all the time but he complained less than anyone when something negative happened, even living on chickpeas. I love Glyn like a fat kid loves cake."

Pete was Jennie's champion; "She's the sort of person you can hang around with and feel comfortable. She's bubbly and bouncy. She can pull silly faces. She's not scared to look silly. Well, actually, she is silly. She's a geezer bird and that's wicked. She's not girly, in a good way. She's comfortable. It's a good representation for girls out there. She is more real and more manly.......Jennie has taught me ... absolutely nothing. But that doesn't matter cos she's wicked and I'm not gonna blag. But I love her for how she is."



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