Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

DAY 73

Jennie's made friends with almost all the housemates since she joined four weeks ago. But there's one nut that's been impossible to crack. And that's Susie.

Talking about her friendships in the Diary Room, the teenager confessed she's yet to bond with Susie. And it's doing her head in.

"I'd like to get into the mind of Sooz. I'd like to see what's in there," she told BB. "All we talk about with Sooz is conspiracies about what BB will do to us. Or if we want a cup of tea. Or what we should have for dinner. Or hair and nails. That's the five conversations you can have with her. Or what I've had with her anyway."

"Have you tried talking to her about other things?" ventured Big Bro.

"I have tried but the conversation just tails off," replied Jennie, setting her brow determinedly. "But I am really trying and I'm not going to stop trying. I've made her my mission, I'm going to know everything about her before I leave."

Jennie wants a lollipop. It makes her heart go giddy-up. No, really.

Having a chinwag with Big Bro in the Diary Room, the normally cheery teenager revealed there's something that's really winding her up. And oddly, it's not a person.

"Can I have a lollipop please?" she asked Big Bro looking mighty peeved. "In that secret spa they had lollipops with our faces on. I'm sorry this is so childish and so immature but goddammit it niggles at me, right?" At this Jennie slammed her hand down hard on the Diary Room chair.

"They had chocolate and marshmallows and a chocolate fountain and pizzas and chocolate and chocolate and chocolate and sweets and sweets and sweets! But they still ate my chocolate lolly... they all ate my head! But they kept their own. They all kept their own, but they ate mine."

She paused, banging on the chair in disbelief. "They ate my head. They ate me. And you allowed it to happen. They had all the chocolate fountain and sweets and cake but they had to have my chocolate lolly too. I really wanted to see what my picture was like. I don't remember what I used to look like." She gave a little pretend sob.

"Do you feel like you've changed?" asked Big Brother

"Yeah. But I really want a chocolate lolly," she continued. "It's the only thing. Come on. Please. Just stick it in here. I can look at it. No one else will know."

"Big Brother has noted your request," came the reply.

"Aw thanks. At least you've noted it. Thanks for listening," she shrugged.

Most Machiavellian (1=most, 8=least)

Housemates' Guess.

1. Jennie

2. Mikey

3. Susie

4. Richard

5. Aisleyne

6. Imogen

7. Glyn

8. Pete

Correct Answers

1. Aisleyne

2. Mikey

3. Susie

4. Glyn

5. Imogen

6. Richard

7. Jennie


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