Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

DAY 92

Glyn and Jennie had a positive chat early in the day, with Glyn looking forward to the end of the series, and Jennie looking forward to seeing her friends and family.

With Glyn and Jennie's exam results due, both were feeling tense. But whilst Big Brother chose to give Glyn his good news that he passed, they felt it more entertainment-worthy to let Jennie stew much longer.

It was awards night in the Big Brother House, with awards as chosen by Channel 4 Website readers given out. Jennie presented an award to Pete for Best Diary Room Moment. Jennie then appeared in her only nomination (for best argument, with Mikey). She lost out to Nikki and Aisleyne.

Having had a bit to drink, and still not told her exam results, Jennie approached the podium for a speech of her own following the awards. "You've all got f***ing awards. My award... well, I would like to thank Nikki for this beer. As it will lift thou spirits. And brighten thy smile. On this final night, I shall not share this beer. But drink it greedily and go to hell."

Slumping back in her seat, she continued "Well Big Brother, you have produced a cheerful evening. The most chipper evening I have ever attended. Nikki is beaming. Aisleyne looks not surprised at all. Pete, you deserved all your awards. And I deserve this award for being best male. If it was best sandwich making I'd f***ing win hands down. The biggest nob would also go to Jennie".


Later, still upset by the awards ceremony and exam result waiting, Aisleyne comforts her; "I think you deserve hundreds of awards. You're amazing. I'm so glad you're here. That woeful week in the House Next Door - you lifted my spirits. You do my nut in, but you're like a little sister so you're allowed to." In tears, Jennie responded: "I'm meant to... it's my role in this relationship."

Later, in the Diary Room, Jennie said:"I feel pathetic for crying because I do not cry... I'm better than this.......I just want my results. I would really like a fag... I know it's a luxury but I've got f*** all else."


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