Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

DAY 59

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All of the housemates are in the bedroom. Last night Nikki became the 7th housemate to be evicted from the big brother house!

Awoken by voice of nikki. Cold water no bath due to jayne

Most of the housemates are in the bedroom. As Jayne has broken the rules constantly, big brother is punishing all housemates by giving them only basic food rations. Jennie tells everyone that its only this week that they have basic rood rations. Susie holds a meeting to tell everyone what they can and cannot eat.

Aisleyne, Jennie, Michael and Imogen are in the garden. The girls are sunbathing.

Some of the housemates are in the garden. Jennie is in the pool.

Its 31 degrees in the big brother garden.
Jennie is lying on the poolside sunbathing.

Big brother has gathered all housemates in the garden. They have given housemates equipment and instructions for todays task. Jayne talks about how some of the housemates, including Jennie are really serious about the task.

Jennie is in the pool with Jayne.

Big brother has gathered all housemates in the living room area for the rule school exam. After the exam Jayne asks what everyone thought of the exam, jennie says 'it was piss!!!!'. Jennie, Michael and Jayne are by the pool talking. Michael talks about Richard and how the dislike each other. Jennie tells Jayne that Michaels type is more like Mikey rather than Richard. Jennie tells Michael that Richard is slightly disturbed by his cat, scruples!! She then says that Richard did say that Michael was a funny person.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and desperate measures it certainly is when it comes to meals. Susie is making frantic plans for every carrot and slice of bread, and the other housemates are munching on dry potatoes."I don't know if I should save my tomato for the pasta..." Jennie pondered, as she looked at her unappetizing lunch.

"S***, I can't remember that," Jayne remarked about 12 seconds into the exam. "Oh, I can't remember that one," she said a minute later. She also let out a few belches. We imagine it could have been quite irritating if you were actually trying to answer the questions. "Shut up," said Jennie at one point, while the occasional angry "shh!" could be heard from the class boffins.


Aisleyne and Jennie are by the pool talking about Pete. They says how they think Pete is really missing Nikki and finding it hard to cope without her.

Big brother has gathered the housemates in the lounge to reveal the results of todays exam. Housemates have to stand up when their name is called and have to get 100% to pass. If they dont, they will be punished. When Aisleyne is told that she has passed, Jennie smiles and gives her a big hug. Jennie passed the exam. Big brother tells housemates that because 4 housemates failed to pass the exam, further punishments will be issued in due cause. The housemates talk about Jayne and think shes a mole. Aisleyne asks what spiral means and Jennie tells her that they think she's a mole coming into the big brother house trying to fuck things up. Jayne tells the housemates that one morning they might wake up and she wont be here. Jennie asks why shes saying that, coz shes going nowhere.

Jayne finished bottom of the class as the housemates failed their rules exam and landed themselves with yet more punishments.Knowing they needed perfect marks to pass the task, the group were asked to stand up one by one and receive their score. Susie, Aisleyne, Richard, Jennie, Glyn, Michael and Spiral got full marks of 18/18.

Aisleyne and Jennie have been talking for 11 minutes. They are talking about how big brother can just give them an hour in the pool each day and if they wanted, they could put the bathroom out of bounds alltogether. They are unhappy that Jayne keeps breaking the rules because big brother can do anything. They then decide to go to sleep.