Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

DAY 72

spiral/michael eviction

Jennie was ready to rough and tumble with the boys tonight as she took on a challenge from Richard.

The feisty young Scouser competed with Richard in an arm-wrestling competition. Following a conversation about size versus strength, Richard suggested a duel.

"Let's have an arm wrestle to prove it," laughed Richard.

Jennie, thinking she may be in with a chance, said: "Left-handed though."

And as Richard held up his fingerless-gloved hand, battle commenced.

"Go on, go for it," said Richard, before Jennie started to put some effort into it.

"Ooh," he cried, "she's beating me, oh,oh,oh..."

Sensing Richard was trying to put her off, Jennie retorted with: "Don't mock me on national TV, come on you she-devil."

Responding to Jennie's taunts Richard put the pressure on and floored the Liverpudlian.

Pete was next on the menu for the Richard, but he went the same way as Jennie. "When do you want to start Pete?" teased Richard, he then looked at his other hand and said: "Oh my god, my nails really need doing - do you wanna file my nails sweetie?"

After his defeat, Pete reluctantly agreed to go head-to-head with Jennie. Following some concern, Pete regained his pride, comfortably winning the bout. It wasn't all bad for Jennie, as Pete conceded: "Jennie, you're as strong as f***!"

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Pete and Jennie got closer tonight and he explained how much he likes her and revealed his shy side.

Lying down on the floor next to each other, Jennie clad in Pete's starry red trousers; she asked him why he didn't look at her.

"I didn't know I didn't look at you, but yeah, well, I do get shy," he confessed.

"When I'm comfortable with someone I can just look at them, stare at them," Jennie said.

Hooking her leg over his playfully she looked intently at him.

"Basically I think you're really wicked, it's like you know when you get a puppy and you get that feeling of adoration, that's what I get with you," Pete continued.

"But I don't want to be cute," Jennie said sounding disappointed.

After some questioning and prodding from Pete, Jennie finally confessed that she would rather be sexy.

"You are sexy with it," Pete reassured her.

"But do you think that?" Jennie said. Fishing rod anyone?

"No I think you're minging," Pete laughed.

Deciding to take his comment in jest Jennie moved on and suggested a staring competion, to which Pete agreed. They could then be seen staring into each other's eyes for quite some time...



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