Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

DAY 57

What started off as a meaningful conversation about beliefs ended up in a big old row between Jennie and Spiral.

Lounging around on the beanbags, Spiral started to chat to Jennie about a whole lot of nothing much really. But then the conversation moved on to beliefs and the pair ended up having a right old domestic.

"I could say I believe in Father Christmas. That's my belief and opinion, and you could not [believe] if you wanted to," Jennie spat at Spiral."If you believe in it, why can't you say it?" Spiral asked calmly.

The topic then moved swiftly from Father Xmas to God and religion, and the duo started bickering more and more.

"Get back to my point," Spiral finally said, when then really started to go off on an arguing tangent.

"Okay Spiral," Jenny suddenly snapped, "You are right!" Spiral tried to take the situation back to a normal level: "What do you believe in? Nothing at all? Both of us have opinions, it's not an argument."

But Jennie was arguing and began to rant at Spiral. A shocked, Spiral asked: "What are you getting annoyed for?" Jennie moodily replied: "I agree with everything you say...I'm bored now!" Fuming, she added. "This conversation is going nowhere, it will never end!"

"I need a fag," she whinged listlessly from the bed.

"That's what's up, the lack of fags," nodded Aisleyne, realising why her mate was fractious. "What you gonna do, babes?"

"Keep saying it and hopefully it'll come," dreamed Jen. "I need a fag."

"Is it stressing you out?" asked Aisleyne, dropping the understatement of the afternoon.

"I can't even have a conversation with Spiral without getting in his face," replied Jennie.

"I don't get why they do that, 'cos it's an addiction, it's not fair," said Aisleyne. "It's like food for you lot."

"They didn't tell me I had to pay for fags," said Jennie. "So I went to the Diary Room and said 'Gimme some'."

"Dry out some grass and fill it up in a paper," suggested Aisleyene, resourcefully.

"I'll start smoking tea bags and coffee," agreed Jennie. But aren't they luxuries too?

LATER: jayne: "I'm pissed off. I need to go home. I need a fag, I'm going up the shops to get some," she told Jennie, stomping round the bedroom. "We dished loads out as well. We smoked 40 our first night, we were excited."

"We've got an addiction," agreed Jennie. "I don't want anything else out of life. But I do expect me ciggies."

1am With eviction day looming large in the minds of the housemates, Jennie, Jayne and Imogen can think of little else.

Sitting on the sofas whilst Jennie plaited Imogen's hair the conversation inevitably turn to what might be on the cards...

"Do you still wake up and think 'I don't believe it'?" Jayne asked Imogen. "Yeah, f****** yeah," replied Imogen. "I don't wanna go tomorrow, I so don't wanna go. Know what I mean?"

Jayne reminded Imogen that she'd said earlier that she was happy to go.

"I don't want to go," she said. "But if I do go, I'll be happy either way. The way I see life is if it's meant to be, it's meant to be."

Jayne agreed and had noticed Imogen's demeanour.

"Yeah," she said. "You're not walking around all depressed, you're just getting on with it. You're a free spirit."

Jennie was feeling upbeat about it too.

"If I go," she said. "I'll get to see me mum, me mates, have a drink, have a few laughs, meet Davina and meet Dermot. But if I stay, I'll be in here another week and I'll have a laugh. I'll have a big smile on my face either way."


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