Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

DAY 54

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Housemates have been awake for 23 minutes.

Nikki and Jayne talk about Jennie fancying pete. They then ask Aisleyne and Aisleyne says 'i dont know'. They then say they will watch her behaviour. Jayen says she cant see it as Jennie has a fella.

Some of the housemates are sat in the garden.

Jennie, Pete and Michael are in the bedroom. She gets in Jaynes bed and starts to talk to the two lads.

Michael, Spiral, Pete and Jennie are in the lounge.Jennie asks the lads where the best place they have had sex. Pete says a phonebox, Mikey says a train station, bus stop, beach, jennie says a bridge....but it left prints on her arse for days!!

Big brother has gathered all housemates in the lounge for this weeks nominations. As Jayne broke the rules, big brother punished her by putting all her fellow housemates up other than Jayne herself. This means that Jennie faces the public vote.

Glyn and Jennie are in the garden. Jennie tells Glyn that shes gonna 'shit it' on friday, incase her name is
called on friday for the eviction. Glyn agree's with her. She tells Glyn that he wont be going coz he's to nice and lovely. Glyn smiles and gives her a hug.

Jennie, Nikki, Jayne and Pete are in the bedroom. Jayne thinks that Spiral is a mole and that he's trying to twist things. Jennie laughs and says 'for gods sake' and then explains that he is one of her good mates and she knows it isnt true. Jennie then laughs 'I cant believe some of this shit...Jayne your as mad a brush'.

Jennie and Pete are nowhere.

Aisleyne, Nikki and Jayne are in the lounge talking about Jennie and Pete. Nikki asks Aisleyne if Pete likes Jennie and Aisleyne says 'that they're just mates'. They then talk about how Jennie and Pete are very close, and
that they're always together.

Most of the housemates are in the bedroom. Richard asks Jennie what animal she is and Jennie says shes a fawn.

Jayne explains that shes upset about the punishment, and that she knows people are feeling it after all of them being put up for eviction. Jennie tries to cofort Jayne by explains that it would have happened anyway.

Jennie and Spiral are in the kitchen talking about Aisleyne. Jennie explains that she doesnt want to be with Aisleyne 24/7, but feels like shes getting ignored and made to feel uncomfortable. She says that shes gonna stay away from Aisleyne and not talk to her, and that she doesnt think they would have been friends on the outside world.

Spiral then tells Aisleyne that Jennie is upset and getting vibes from her. Aisleyne gets upset and says she never meant to upset Jennie in any way.

Jennie then comes over to Aisleyne and explains why shes feeling upset. Jennie tells Aisleyne that she is giving Aisleyne respect but feels like she isnt getting it back. Jennie then begins to cry and Aisleyne gives her a big
hug. Aisleyne says sorry and that she never meant for Jennie to feel isolated at all and that Jennie is her baby and her little sister. They both agree that its sorted and that they only upset each other like that because they are very close and care about each other.