Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

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DAY 49

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Day 49 would prove to be one of the most dramatic days in BB history, but began rather sedately as Jennie, in her first full day in the main house, awoke after not much sleep then got to know her new housemates. Before this Richard and Mikey talk about there being a secret room next door!

However, the new arrivals of Jennie and Michael were not proving popular with some of the existing housemates. Lea, Imogen, Glyn, and Lea gathered in the garden:

Nikki: "Jennie doesn't like me."
Lea: "That f****** Martin can't stand me."
Glyn: "Who's Martin?"
Lea: "Michael!"
Imogen: "He was asking me about my ex-boyfriends as well, and it was weird."

Nikki came to the diary room to elaborate further, saying: "I don't think Jennie likes me, she's not too keen on Imogen either. I'm unsure about her. She said she's not the type that moans and cries, and I know that was directed at me........She seems sweet and nice, but she's a bit too confident. A bit too calm. I thought she'd be so happy to be here, but she was like, 'Yeah, it's alright'. I was like 'Oh my God so many people would dream of being here'. It was a bit ungrateful......she's very collected; I don't get it. I've got a feeling those two have been here for a while."

Next was a visit from Jennie to the Diary Room. She says all the new housemates are "mad", but that she thinks Glyn is polite and a sweetheart, but that she find it hard to start conversations with Nikki.


With evening upon both houses, the drama would begin. In the main house, the Housemates are gathered on the sofas in the living room, whilst next door Aisleyne is called to the Diary Room whilst Spiral and Jonathan sit on the House Next Door sofas. On the plasma screen in the main house, Jennie and the other Housemates can only watch as the evnts unfold. Big Brother informs Aisleyne that Jennie, Jayne, and Michael are in the main house, leading to smiles from Jennie and most of the other Housemates.

Aisleyne is then asked to choose a Housemate out of Spiral and Jonathan for definite eviction. Clearly upset, and the main house stunned, Jayne and Nikki start to insult Aisleyne, leading Jennie to be the first to stick up for Aisleyne; "No, I like Aisleyne!" prompting Richard to follow suit. Jennie then burst into tears having to witness Aisleyne's distress.


To tears in both houses, Jonathan is evicted and Spiral and Aisleyne, still in tears, rejoin the main house, where there are supportive hugs all round from Jennie.

Still in shock, at 1.00am Spiral, Jennie, and others sit in the garden and discuss the evening's events.

Mikey: "We were all herded into the Lounge and we were thinking it'll just be a task, and then the toilet door locked and when the toilet door locks, we know there's gonna be an eviction or someone's coming in. Then the plasma came on and all the s*** happened."
Jennie: "Earlier on, we were all sat around chatting blah, blah, blah, and Richard turned and said he thought there was a secret room and caught my eye. I just said that I didn't know what he was on about and he was checking my facial expression........I'm gonna join the CIA when I get out of here, as an undercover agent."
Spiral: "All this put on Aisleyne and she was bawling her eyes out, seeing her on the screen was so hard to take."
Jennie: "She's got a hard shell, but she's all squishy inside."