Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

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DAY 51

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All of the housemates are in bed.

Some of the housemates are in the kitchen.

Nikki and Imogen talk about Jennie in the lounge. Nikki says Jennie fancies Pete and that its "f***ing obvious". She moans about her sitting on his lap. Imogen then says that Jennie has a boyfriend and Nikki pulls a face and says that shes gonna keep announcing the fact that Jennie has a boyfriend to the whole house.

Aisleyne, Jennie, Spiral and Glyn are 'nowhere'. Jennie says that you could be the nicest person, with a nobel peace prize and still get booed. Aisleyne asks what a nobel peace prize is and Jennie tells her that its for making peace, people like Martin Luther King.

Jennie, Michael and Jayne are in the kitchen.

Jennie and Jayne then go into the bedroom where all the housemates are and ask them what they want for their dinner. Jennie asks Lea if she wants 'spegetti bolognaise'. She then leaves and goes back to the kitchen.
She asks Michael how he is finding it all and Michael says its all a bit dramatic. Jennie then replies and asks him what he thinks is dramatic, to see if they are thinking of the same thing. He tells her the tears so often are dramatic and Jennie agrees with him.

Jennie and Jayne are in the kitchen talking about tonights eviction. Jayne tells Jennie that she doesnt think Lea or Richard are going and that she thinks something is going on. She then says shes been there for both of
them and that Jennie's making it out as though she "doesn't give a f**k". Jennie then says Jaynes been there for Lea and Richard all week and she hasnt, but she doesnt think theres a twist. Jayne then asks Susie if shes done something wrong as she gets the feeling from Jennie that she hasn been supportive towards Lea and Richard.
Jennie then answers 'from me?'. and says that shes feeling sad coz someones going tonight, and that Jaynes twisting it round, and lying because all Jennie has done is complament Jayne for cooking the meal for Lea and
Richard. Jennie then says shes not gonna argue with Jayne tonight and she can "f**k off".

Jennie then hugs Lea and tells her not to worry because shes amazing.

Jennie and Glyn are in the garden. Glyn asks Jennie why she wanted to go on big brother, and Jennie says 'to
meet you Glyn' and laughs. Glyn then smiles and asks her if she wants fame. Jennie says 'no, but would really like it to be walking around her home town and for someone to recognise her'.


Big brother has gathered all the housemates in the lounge for this weeks public vote. Davina announces that Lea will be 6th person to be evicted.

All the housemates sing 'i will survive' as Lea leaves the house.

Glyn and Jennie hug each other and Glyn thanks Jennie. Jennie says 'it was nothing, i was just helping a friend out'.

Some of the housemates are in the living area.

Most of the housemates are in the kitchen. Nikki is talking to Jennie about her boyfriend. She asks Jennie if she lives with her boyfriend and Jennie replies 'no, do i f**k, i dont like him that much'. She then asks her how often they talk and Jennie says that he phones her either before work or after work.

Some of the housemates are in the living area.

Nikki and Glyn are in the diary room moaning about the 'clones'. They both then say they like Jennie, but Nikki says Jennie is a little bit too confident for someone who has just intruded into a house'. They then both keep saying 'copying us'.

Jennie, Pete and Glyn are in the garden hugging, and Jennie and Pete investigate a moth.

Jennie, Glyn, Spiral and Jayne are by the pool.

Aisleyne, Jennie, Glyn and Spiral have been in bed together for 5 minutes. Spiral tells Glyn to whisper a secret so he whispers it to Jennie. Jennie then laughs and says 'your so smooth', and they ask him what he said. Jennie then replies 'secret' and they all laugh.