Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

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DAY 50

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After her return from the House Next Door, Jennie and Aisleyne renew their friendship by sharing a bed again.

After getting up, the two share a hug.

Aisleyne: You're my little sister, aren't you? I shed tears when you left.
Jennie: "I was gutted.......I missed you loads and it was only for one day.......I was saying to Lea 'My sister's back! My sister's back!' It was dead good."

In the Diary Room, However, Nikki was not as pleased: "I can't believe you got her back......She's a bully, a nasty piece of work. She's got her new gang with her. Out with the old, in with the new. It's crap. It put Lea and Richard up and they don't deserve to go. It's just been invaded. But it makes our family stronge".

Around midday, Jennie, Aiseyne and Mikey chat about Aisleyne's return to the house from the house next door. They talk about how they thought Aisleyne would have to choose to evict either Richard or Lea, the two housemates who were nominated for eviction. Around an hour later, Jennie and Imogen share sandwiches in the bedroom while chatting to Aisleyne.

Big Brother gathers housemates in the garden at 5.47pm for this weeks shopping task. They have 3 hours to untagle themselves from a giant knot. They will have to wear a belt with their name on, and then be attached to a piece of rope. The money will drop £10 every 3 mintues. The total currenly stands at £642. If the housemates fail, then they wont recieve anything for their shopping budget and will live off basic rations. Jennie helps housemates by cherring and supporting while they each try and untie the huge knot, aswell as trying to untie it herself.

The housemates successfully complete the task, and their shopping budget this week will be £532.

Jennie celebrates by cheering and running up to Aisleyne and hugging her.

Following on from Nikki earlier, Richard and Lea enter the Diary Room to moan about the new arrivals.

Lea: Keep the originals in! F*** the outcasts! You put f****** clones in and Mini-Me's of us all to get rid of the f******* originals. How dare ya!"

Pete, Glyn, Aisleyne and Jennie chat in the lounge prior to Big brother giving the housemates a party, in honour of the
potential evcitees, Lea and Richard. They sit in the garden and eat dinner, and Jennie and Nikki have fun with helium balloons. Aisleyne doesnt join them for dinner as she's inside getting ready. She's been deeply upset about having to evict Johnathan.

At 12.20am. Big brother plays music into the house and the housemates party party party!! Jennie and Aisleyne see Mikey and Imogen getting close. They start to sing 'Mikey and Imogen sitting in a tree...K.I.S.S.I.N.G'.

2.55am. All the housemates are in the bedroom. Jennie, Aisleyne and Spiral whisper and giggle. Jayne gets angry and tells them to be quiet, but Spiral argues back.

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