Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

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DAY 48

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A quiet start to the day for Jennie, who spends the early part in the garden.

Once dressed, a conversation ensues regarding what their fears are.


a communication arrives from Big Brother, which Jennie reads aloud to the others. Later that day, Aisleyne will again choose for Housemates to be evicted, and that other than Aisleyne herself all HND HMs must pack their suitcases. Jennie asks Aisleyne to help her with her hair, and Aisleyne agrees. Visibly upset, Aisleyne is comforted by Jennie who, along with Michael, volunteers for eviction to make Aisleyne's job easier.

In the main house, nominations are announced, with Lea and Richard up for eviction. Jennie takes a shower and changes.

At 10.30pm, with the main house locked in the bedroom getting changed expea party of some sort, it is time for the eviction, with the plasma screen showing that Aisleyne must choose two Housemates for eviction.

Jennie: Say me and Michael.
Aisleyne: Are you sure babes?
Jennie: Yeah, say me and Michael, we'll take the risk.

Aisleyne chooses Jennie and Michael, before crying as the two are asked to come to the Diary Room.


Jennie and Michael go to the Diary Room and are asked how they feel, with Jennie saying "hyperventilatin' - i'm gonna have a hernia!". They are then given the news that they are now full Housemates and will now be moving into the main house, leading to a hug and quiet celebration between the pair.


Jennie and Michael are told to wait in the garden, and of course not divulge anything about the HND. "Oh my God, there are new people in the garden," shouted Richard, as the main house is let out of the bedroom. As they run to greet them, at a dining table with a tea prepared, there's hugs all round as Jennie officially becomes the youngest ever Big Brother Housemate.


Mikey: "How long have you been here for?"
Jayne: "Hello, I'm Jayne".
Michael: "I feel like I've dived into my TV [to Richard] Have we met before?"

As the new friends become acquainted, there are tears for Aisleyne next door. As the screams next door become apparent, Spiral realises Jennie and Michael have not been evicted and becomes angry at his decision not to volunteer. Aisleyne comes to the Diary Room and states that she "Wants Jennie back - I miss her so much already".

After the meet and greet in the garden, Jennie went indoors for further chats and got ready for a turn in the pool.

Nikki visits the diary room, and singles out Jennie for criticism, stating that she is "trying to move in on Nikki's bed". As the night drew to a close, Jennie quizzed Mikey and Glyn in the garden.

Jennie: "So, am I allowed to ask what Aisleyne was like, or whatever?"
Mikey: "Yeah, of course."
Glyn: "I know what, we'll tell you, you don't ask us. Know what I mean? So, Aisleyne. I really liked her, but she's a bitch. She bitched a lot."
Michael: "Lisa didn't get on with her".
Glyn: "Girls don't get along with each other, do they."
Jennie: "There's one thing I won't stand for and that's bitchiness. It just niggles at me, know what I mean? If anyone tries to bitch at me about anyone, I just tell them to go away."
Mikey: "The thing about Lisa, Is she was straight with people."
Glyn: "Yeah. When Lisa was here, she was active and when she went, all the activity went. Then, when Jayne came in, she was this big, massive character and I've been staying up all night with her."