Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

DAY 55

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Most of the housemates are in the bedroom. They have been awake for 5 minutes. Aisleyne and Jennie cuddle in bed.

Later, when Mikey and Pete were sat on the beanbags in the living room having a chat, Mikey spotted Nikki:

Mikey:."How long have you been there?"
Nikki: "The whole time!"
Mikey: "What did you hear?"
Nikki: "All of it".
Mikey: "Like what?"
Nikki: "That Pete likes Jennie, because she reminds him of his ex-girlfriends.....And something about Jayne."
Mikey: "He didn't say that".
Nikki: "Yes he did, and you were talking about having sex with your ex-girlfriends".
Mikey: "That's s*** that never happened!"

Most of the housemates are in the garden.

Big brother has gathered all the housemates in lounge for todays task. Each housemate will be called to the microphone one by one for one minute to burp. They must do 200 burps alltogether to pass the task. Each housemate must burp at least once.

All the housemates took park in the task, including Jennie. The housemates burped 252 times alltogehter and therefore passed the task.

Nikki moans about the new housemates in the diary room calling them clones and slobs. She says that Jennie leaves things out all over the place.

A little later, Jennie gives Richard a foot massage:

Jennie: "Don't be a bitch........Just take it."
Richard: "I'm ticklish, that's a problem."
Jennie: "I like feet. They're fascinating."
Richard: "Aah".
Jennie: "Don't cry out, pain is weakness." Blimey.
Richard: "Are you making this up?" he quizzed as his feet went white.
Jennie: "No. Have you got a problem?"
Richard: "Other than the fact you keep trying to break them.....I have feminine feet. I've seen Nikki put talc on her feet. I thought it was for smell."
Jennie: "It's for softness."
Richard: "Thank you, they feel really nice."

As a reward for passing the task today. Big brother have thrown a childrens party for the housmates, giving them games to play and party food.

Most of the housemates are in the garden.

Jennie is in the diary room. She explains that she has bonded with Pete and Glyn the most, and that they are like brothers to her, but she doesnt fancy them.

All the housemates are in the bedroom, apart from Nikki and Jayne in the garden talking about Jennie.