Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

DAY 83

It's the day of the Radio Show Task, with all the housemates presenting their radio show.

Jennie's show began (and ended) with the "I hate butter cos it makes me fat" jingle, followed by the News: "Aisleyne's cooking, Imogen is putting on a face mask, Glyn is eating black pudding, Richard and Pete are topping up their mascara and "we're bored bored bored 'cos there's a huge void since Susie and Mikey left a couple of days ago".

Jennie then talked about "tensions in the house as we wait for nomination results" before playing a tune by Busta Rhymes.

Back from the song, it's time for Jennie to rundown on the 5 most hated things in the Big Brother house, with a drumroll between each:

5. The mirrors.
4. The Waiting.
3. Laminates.

Jennie then puts on her posh voice for the weather report, where she becomes "Sue the Weather Girl". Then back to the countdown.

2. The shower.
1. The alarm (at which point Jennie does impressions of the different house alarms).

To finish, Jennie updates everyone on what the evicted housemates are doing now. "Lisa is featherweight champion of the World, Mikey and Grace are married with 8 children and he now works for BB as Taskmaster. Susie is a tea lady, Sezer is lollypop man for St Anne's School, Spiral is cruising round Ibiza, and Michael is a dancer in some bar in his little trunks".


Jennie seemed to enjoy Pete's show, commenting "You're wicked on the radio,"...."Really?" Pete grinned. "Yeah, I was s***!" Jennie replied, "You were pleasant all the way through," Pete told her. "I've never been called pleasant before!" Jennie laughed.

The big story of the day, however, was that 5 former housemates (Nikki, Grace, Mikey, and Lea) return to Big Brother, moving in to the house next door. The returning housemates are shown on the plasma screen to the other housemates.


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