Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

DAY 76


But this afternoon Glyn has launched himself straight into the mix. Wearing just his jeans, Glyn was desperate to snuggle up to Jennie.

"Come closer, it's getting cold," Glyn, said as he cosied up to Jennie on the beanbags. "Come closer so I can get your body heat."

The pair cuddled up to each other, "It's cold," Glyn shivered again. And just when we started to think "Err, get a jumper Glyn!" he mumbled in Jennie's ear: "I can't be a***** to get a jumper."

"I know," Jennie replied, "Spoon me." Ooer!

So spoon they did and Glyn had a massive smile on his face, the devil. After a good period of spoonage, the pair decided to retreat to the bedroom. They then happily cuddled up together again: "Give us your arm," Jennie said as Glyn slid up behind her.

Aisleyne and Jennie then excitedly opened their gifts and discovered they had a tasteful miniature 'Margate' plate on a stand. Lovely. "Ahh, a plate!" Aisleyne said, pretending to like it.

"The housemates nominated for eviction this week are..." those dreaded words entered the House, adding: "In alphabetical order ...Imogen ...and ...Jennie."

Imogen wasn't surprised, having found out the bad news earlier, but Jennie buried her head in her lap. With the tension really building as the housemates waited for more names, Glyn kindly relieved the pressure err, and himself.

The cheeky blighter let out a massive parp. "It just came out!" he chuckled, while his housemates tutted.

"...And Mikey," Big Brother said, carrying on with the announcement. "It's all of us," Susie muttered. No it's not love, because then Susie's name was the last to be revealed.

"You mean I have a week off?" a shocked Richard shouted. "I know I'm up," Susie said, "There is no chance I wasn't up." But Jennie was still feeling the pressure: "I'm s****** it!"

Nervous? Yes. Scared? Yep. Anxious? Uh-huh. But excited about being evicted on Friday? Now that's a new one. But Mikey, Jennie and Imogen are feeling it.

With the nomination announcement over and done with, the housemates facing eviction had some time to think about the looming eviction. Strangely, Mikey, Imogen and Jennie all said they were excited. Or so they claimed.

"Weird like, this," Mikey said to Jennie and Imogen. "I'm excited though." Imogen smiled: "Me too."

Excited he may be, but Mikey was also feeling a bit something else: "I'm s****** myself man!"

"I'm not a*****," Jennie told them. "I'm not that bothered. I'm not scared, just excited." Thinking for a moment, she continued: "I am nervous. I'll get a cow thrown at me!" Laughing, she finished: "Something heavy...a cow is the first thing that came into my head!" Well, that would be a BB eviction night first, for sure!

"I'm nervous 'cos I haven't been up for so long," Mikey confessed before saying to Imogen: "You're sound," meaning she will survive. "I'm sure you are sound, babe." Imogen returned.

"Whatever happens, happens," Mikey concluded. "Totally..." Imogen agreed.

It was lovely, apart from the fact that Aisleyne was wearing a tiny mini-skirt. Oh, our eyes! Anyway, despite that the housemates seemed to love Aisleyne's flying game and all wanted a go. Wonderwoman Aisleyne even lifted Mikey.

When they were tired of that game, they resorted to perching their bottoms on Aisleyne's feet so she could launch them through the air. "Again!" Imogen screamed, running back for more launching action.

"Let Mikey do it, babe," Jennie suggested, so Aisleyne got to her feet and let Mikey boot her across the room. "That was wicked," she screeched. "Do it again, I love it!"


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