Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

DAY 77

Each student has been provided with a rucksack containing a textbook and instructions for their degree. They must study in pairs for their degree but will be tested individually tomorrow. To pass the task six out of the eight students must successfully pass their degree.

It should be easy for the likes of Richard (who knows everything) and Jennie, who reportedly has 8 'A Levels

Pete looked pleased as punch to pick English Literature and Drama, which he will study with Jennie as the pair memorise a scene from Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream.

"I am an actor," he beamed importantly, stroking his chin.

It's no contest, really. Or, should we say, it's a series of contests. Winner stays on. Two shots for a foul. Doubles on the black not required... Since receiving their degree subjects, all the housemates have done is pot balls.

Jennie has proved something of a hustler, effortlessly beating Imogen, Aisleyne and Glyn. There we were thinking girls couldn't play pool...

Pete and Jennie are whispering sweet nothings to each other as they practise their Shakespearean lines... but could art be imitating life?

Even before the pair began grappling with the romantic dialogue, tongues were wagging in their general direction.

Aisleyne was lapping up amorous gossip before lunch when she asked Pete about his feelings for the 18-year-old Scouser."Because you're a touchy-feely person, people think you fancy people. But there's nothing wrong with fancying Jennie," she said.

"I know, but I don't want to be conscious of the way I am with her," replied Pete.

"But so what if you fancy her," prodded Aisleyne again.

"But I don't," Pete insisted.

"Everyone thinks you do," revealed the blonde. "It's because you two are always together."

"Really?" said Pete. "But she's got a boyfriend."

"I know, I've seen you staring at his picture," said Aisleyne. Whatever that meant.

Later on, as the talked-about couple bungled their way through A Midsummer Night's Dream, Jennie asked Pete: "Do you think love like this exists?"

Pete said it definitely did, but when she left he struggled with his lines even more, turning to the skeleton in the garden for help.

"Can you do this? It doesn't make sense," he asked the bony structure.

Then he (Pete, not the skeleton) suggested his own adaptation of the text: "Look Bottom, I think you're alright with your big donkey d***. Your singing is a bit iffy, but I still fancy you."

What could he possibly mean by that we wonder..?

Petey-weety will miss Jennie-wennie if she goes on Friday. Shucks, aren't they just the cutest?

As in recent nights, Pete and Jennie have been spending some quality time together again tonight. And with Jennie facing eviction on Friday, they confess that they will really miss each other.

"Friday, man," Jennie sighed. "I know when I get feelings...It doesn't bother me.""I would be surprised," Pete told her, convinced she'll survive the eviction. "On both counts, I'm not bothered," Jennie said coolly.

"I am!" Pete said. "I will see you in two weeks," Jennie replied. "I know," Pete smiled. "And your friends will be there. Are they cool?"

"Do you think I'm cool?" Jennie quickly asked, going a bit girlie. "Yeah," Pete nodded.

"Will you miss me?" Jennie pressed. Pete smirked and gave a "No." So a flirtatious Jennie cooed: "Good...I will miss you a little bit."

"I won't miss you at all 'cos you are not going." Pete said. "You are fun, you get involved, you're the drive of the House, you have would be boring without you..."

"Thank you," Jennie said with the biggest smile. "I mean it from the bottom of my gall bladder," Pete laughed.

ais drinks mikeys cider by mistake, glyn/mikey pool argument

In a bathroom chat, Aisleyne told Jennie of her regret over her role in the night's 'Cider-gate' row.

Surprisingly, she wished she had never come clean to the aggrieved Mikey.

"I shouldn't have made the confession because I messed up Glyn," worried the blonde. Her concern followed her admission to Mikey that the Welsh lad hadn't infact claimed ownership of the can to her, despite her earlier comments. "I f***** Glyn up, because Glyn said 'yeah - I told her it was mine'," she added.

"It was only an accident," offered Jennie.

"Yeah... and then I got chicken s*** because I was like 'ooh, Mikey'."

This wasn't an 'ooh' of the saucy variety. Instead, Aisleyne claimed the Scouser's disapproval of her swigging made her feel uncomfortable.

"I had the mouthful of cider and then Mikey done 'flip mode'," she explained.

But Jennie jumped to the defence of her fellow Liverpudlian: "Mikey wouldn't be bothered about something like that," she said.



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