Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

DAY 79

"I feel like death," complained nominee number one Jennie.

mikey/susie eviction

Jennie's got a secret, Jennie's got a secret; or so she was telling Pete.

Unfortunately, Jennie was reluctant to tell what the secret was while they were in the bathroom getting ready for bed.

"I'll tell you a secret when we get out," whispered Jennie, which was like waving a red rag to a bull. Pete was, of course, intrigued and soon began a game of 20 questions."Tell me now," said Pete. "What's the secret, is it about you? Is it about what you are? Is it important?"

Steady on Pete - give a girl the chance to speak. Jennie wasn't giving anything away though.

"I know," said Pete triumphantly, "You're in a girl band." That certainly wasn't the answer as Jennie scowled a defiant "No".

Pete was on a roll with his guessing game and tried a different angle with the modern day Rumplestiltskin.

"Are you Davina's daughter?" he asked. And the answer was no. "Are you a stripper?" Again, the answer was no. "Are you a lion tamer?" "Maybe," said Jennie, "But no."

Eventually, Imogen and Glyn - who were also in the bathroom - decided to have a guess themselves. "What's the secret Pete?" asked Glyn, to which Pete replied: "She used to be a man. Can't you tell?" Imogen guessed that she may have been a dancer, but still the denials came thick and fast.

Later, in the bedroom alone Pete and Jennie carried on the conversation. With lots of lingering looks and giggling it was obvious that she may have been hinting her feelings go beyond friendship. However it was slightly hard to tell as they appeared to be using some sort of code involving animals, the RSPCA and lollipops.



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