Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

DAY 65

It wouldn't be a proper drunken night without some kind of petty squabble... and the casualties of yesterday's drinking antics are Aisleyne and Jennie.

And when we say petty, we mean petty. The pair gave each other the silent treatment all morning, just because Jennie thought Aisleyne was ignoring her during the 80s party.

"She asked a question and I didn't answer her because I was talking to someone else," the blonde explained to Michael. "She came over and said, 'have you got a problem with me?' I'm annoyed with her.""Don't be annoyed with her," advised Michael.

"She feels excluded but I don't want to be the person she's blaming for that," said Aisleyne. But she admitted she knew how the teenager felt, recalling: "No one listened to me when I first came in here."

"She does feel like that," confirmed Michael. "She wants to be included."

Aisleyne decided to do the mature thing and discuss the problem with Jennie. "Are you alright?" she asked the Scouse lass. "You seemed a bit upset with me last night."

"Yeah I was, because you ignored me, and it happened twice," responded Jennie.

"The first time I obviously didn't hear and the second time I was in a conversation," explained Aisleyne. "Is it because you don't feel included?"

"Yeah, but I'm not bothered," said Jennie. "It was the way you spoke to me."

"I'm never drinking in this House again," declared Aisleyne unconvincingly.

The mood lightened and they nattered for a bit until Aisleyne said: "Shall we go and have a look at what we're going to wear tonight?" Jennie accepted the offer happily.

jayne eviction

"She was a f****** pain in the a***, but I loved her loads," Jennie announced."When she walked in," Jennie giggled, "I went 'Hi' and she went 'I'm Jayne - BURP!'"

They've had chickpeas coming out of their ears this week and obviously the lack of sugary delights has had an effect on Jennie. She's started to think her housemates are food.

After entertaining her housemates with pub stories, Jennie's hunger got the better of her and she started a round of everyone's favourite game. You know, the popular 'What food would you be?' game.

"Don't say pretzel!" she said to Mikey, "Cos they're bland and boring. Just don't!"No!" Mikey laughed, "It's like I f****** wanna eat them all fast!"

"What [food] would you be, Glyn?" Jennie asked. "Black pudding!" Mikey yelled before Glyn could even think of an answer. "Imogen would be a party-ring... Richard would be a piece of white chocolate," Jennie started to rant.

"I'd be a bag of sugar!" Richard joked. "I'd be a party-ring!" Imogen said, getting with the programme. "That's what I said!" Jennie quickly told her.

"No," Mikey said grinning at Imogen, "You would be a rich tea biscuit... nice and boring!"

"Can I be candy floss?" Jennie said getting excited. "No; I'd like to be corn on the cob or a bucket of chicken! Pete would be a starfish fruit...!"

1.30am garden

Having started to tell Aisleyne about a scary experience the previous night, Aisleyne butted in, managing an entire sentence without saying 'babe'.

"I can't believe you had a nightmare last night," said the promotions gal in disbelief, "because so did I!"Jennie knows how to weave a story though and muscled in to finish her spooky tale.

"I s*** me pants," blurted Jennie, "but it wasn't the nightmare - I can't remember what that was. I don't have any idea what shook me enough to wake me. I swear to god, Aisleyne - I was wide awake."

"Do you know what I think it was," said Aisleyne seriously, "and I'm not even joking,yeah? I think they flashed the lights on and off."

Big Brother might be cruel, Aisleyne, but not that cruel!

Jennie continued to tell her creepy tale. "Spiral heard me shout," she explained excitedly, "then I was bolt upright and a voice said to me 'do not sleep in that bed.'"


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