Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

DAY 56

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Most of the housemates have been awake for 22 minutes.

Some of the housemates are in the garden.

Jennie, Pete and Glyn are in the kitchen.Jennie tells Glyn than she loves him. He tells her loves her too and then starts to sing 'i love you baby...and when its quite alright i love you baby'

Its 29 degrees in the bb garden. Aisleyne, Pete and Glyn are in the pool. Aisleyne is platting Jennies hair while Glyn whispers dirty thing in Jennies ear. Jennie keeps saying 'stop it!!'. Pete then gets in the pool with Aisleyne, Jennie and Glyn. Pete messes with Jennies hair extentions and puts them on his head...then Jennie shouts 'get of my pubes!!'.

Most of the housemates are in the garden. Nikki talks to pete about the new housemates. She says that Jennie is copying her by standing on the poolside and singing.

Big brother has gathered all the housemates in the lounge. Jayne is then informed in the diary room that she and her fellow housemates will be punished again, as she has talked about the outside world, when talking to Nikki about Aisleyne. When Jayne comes out of the diary room, Jennie asks Jayne if shes allowed to talk about it. While sat with Aisleyne on the sofa. Aisleyne gets upset and starts to cry and Jennie comforts her by hugging her. Jennie then starts to stroke Aisleynes hair. Big brother tells housemates that because of Jaynes rulebreak, the shopping task has been cancelled. They will only recieve basic rations and wont have a chance to buy items from the shopping list.

Michael was first to break the hush. "I'm on a diet anyway," he joked. But most of the housemates, Jayne included, didn't say a word.

"Shall we get a muzzle for Jayne, then?" asked Richard.

"Sorry guys," she said, shame-faced.

As the implications dawned on the housemates, Jennie suddenly announced: "I'm so angry. Two weeks it'll be. No fags." And with that she screamed into the pillow.

Jennie, Pete, Richard, Glyn and Mikey are in the lounge talking about Jaynes rulebreak. Jennie says that none of the other new housemates have let news slip about the outside world and says its not hard to keep your mouth shut.

Jennie, Aisleyne and Pete are in the outside kitchen. Jayne joins them and talks to Aisleyne about what she said about her, which led to her being punished. Jennie tells Jayne that she hasnt been talking about people behind their backs. Jennie then tells Jayne that her, spiral and michael havent been once called to the diary room for talking about the outside world, trying to make Jayne realise that she should keep her mouth shut in future.

Some of the housemates including Jennie are in the bedroom. They then see that theres a rat in the kitchen. Glyn tells the housemates that they should kill the rat. Jennie says that they cant kill the rat because it has a limp and its not fair.