Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

DAY 70

Another day and another inspection going down in The Big Brother Prison. The power-hungry officers Mikey and Jennie were lapping it up.

Striding into the Prison, officers Mikey and Jennie made it clear that they meant business. They wanted the prisoners up and ready for exercise. Mikey threw orders around all over the jail, but he would have been a bit more convincing had he not had a massive grin on his face.

"Get your punk asses out of bed!" Mikey yelled to the sleeping prisoners, while a sympathetic Jennie whimpered: "You're like little trapped monkeys in a cage." "Spiral! You'd better get your punk ass out of bed, b****!" Mikey shouted again, clearly enjoying himself. "I don't wanna hear no speaking!"

"What did you have for breakfast, Ims?" Jennie asked, still playing the good cop. "Porridge, with sugar? No?" Jennie said shocked, " You're joking!" Hmm, little does she know about the goodies they've been stuffing!

"Listen!" Mikey continued to shout as he paced the cell, "No one speaking! Silence unless spoken to!"

Spiral had obviously overdone it in the spa last night and was finding it hard to get up. Sitting on the edge of his bed in his regulation pants, he looked like a broken man. "Spiral! You've gotta get your clothes on!" bellowed officer Mikey.

The prisoners were really dragging their feet and were not looking like they were ready for exercise. "We've gotta go now! Pete, let's go!" Mikey ordered. "Immediately!"

"Not too fast!" Susie told them as they fell. "Left foot, right foot," Jennie ordered, trying to get some co-ordination going. "Now run!" Mikey laughed, "Now do star jumps!"

Finally, the prisoners got the hang of being chained together and set off as one out into the garden. The officers had to stay by the side of their prisoner friend for the duration, so the prisoners took the chance to ham up their jailbird experience.

rich guesses with michael something dodgy next door

It then emerged that Jennie was firmly in the Richard camp. "I reckon they're watching us now," she suggested. "When we saw them they were fine."

rich pete prison swap


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