Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

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DAY 45

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At 8.40am, the new housemates are awoken by Big Brother after 4 hours sleep.

A little later in the bedroom, Spiral tells Jennie about Jayne breaking her bed.

Meanwhile, Aisleyne is called to the Diary Room and is asked what she thinks of her new Housemates; "So far so good.....there's one lady thats very vocal and broke the bed last night......she seems like a nice women but she’s just a bit loud".

Later that morning, in the Living Room, Jennie and Jonathon chat about being forced to interact with people they may not normally. Says Jennie; I think that’s dead weird…how it just makes you sort of do it. You either benefit from it or you might realise that you were right and you probably couldn’t get on with that type of person.......we’re obviously very different in some way that’s why they’ve put us all together....I don’t like the fact the house is split in two”.

Meanwhile, Lea in the Main House suspects that new Housemates have arrived, as she has heard people laughing and talking.

Later in the Living room, a group chat takes place with Jayne suggesting "for all we know Ais may have to take one of us to main house tomorrow, you have to think what they would need in they need a man maybe ( points to Jon) a stirrer (Spiral), to which Jennie responds "she’s like , do they need a b*****d , do they need a p***k (laughs)".


At lunchtime, in the bedrom, Michael, Jennie and Aisleyne are discussing children.

Jennie: “ If I was going to have kids I’d have 2 boys...... But now I’m like, as if I’m going to get married to anyone. Oh my god no, I'm not signing myself to no man, but I know when I fall in love I’ll be like (whispers) marry me (chuckles), please (pleading).” With people jumping in and out of each others beds, we get our first glimpse of Jennie and Aisleyne as bed-buddies.

Later in the garden, Jennie, Jonathan, Michael, and Jayne talk about the fact that it's good that they are all "a nice bunch of people and no one is up for an argument and they’re just going to treat it like a holiday with a 100 grand prize at the end". "Its not going to be that easy", says Jon, "its not Butlins", whilst catching up on the chance to get some sunshine.


Discussions during the day also focussed on Aisleyne's time in the main house, and her fellow housemates. She discussed with Jennie Pete's tendency to bottle up his thoughts and emotions to his own detriment. She also gave her thoughts on Nikki, but added: "But you make your own opinion of Nikki, babes, and don’t listen to me."

At 11.18pm, Jennie makes her first visit to the Diary Room and is asked about her first impression of fellow HM’s: ”My first impression of like for example Jonathon was like ohh scary cos he’s like big and everything…cos he’s quite muscly aswell….has he got bit of an ego ?? ....but no not at all. He’s as soft as ,you know…soft as anything.....and like Kitt she’s wicked as well. She’s obviously like maybe a little bit louder than me but she’s fun, she lifts the mood in the house, its good. In our Penthouse that’s what we’re calling it......As soon as we got put in that house all together, straight away everyone was talking like why are we here? We all know not all of us are going to make it into that original house….and I don’t know if that means people are going to start stepping up their game a bit. Some people are thinking like maybe Aisleyne will have to pick the people , but that doesn’t mean I’m going to suck up to her…because for all I know the people she chooses might be the ones that go home. I’m just going to live it up in there really and enjoy myself in there, and if I get to go in the original house F***ing wicked!!!, and if I don’t well I get to go home and say, well I did it , I got there, I just didn’t get as far as whatever”.