Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

DAY 53

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The Housemates are awoken by a foghorn this morning, with Jennie exclaiming "I could have killed a human being to that noise, that was the worst one of all my experiences."

Housemates have been awake for 2 hours and 57 mins. Aisleyne, Jennie, Jayne and Spiral are in the bedroom.

Some housemates talk about the fact that they have a new baby of the house. Jennie asks if its her and when Susie replies 'yes', Jennie smiles and says 'i aint!'.

During the afternoon, the Housemates spend their time in the house chatting and chilling.

For todays task, housemates must play a game of tennis against big brother. Big brother has set a tennis court, ball machine and scoreboard in the garden. BB has asked housemates to get into mixed pairs. Jennie is paired with Glyn. Jennie and Glyn won their first game. BB will serve the balls at different times and speeds. To score a point, they must return the serve.

Jennie watches the other housemates (while cuddling Glyn and Pete). She supports housemates by cheering and clapping as bb serves the balls.

For passing todays tennis task, bb has throw the housemates a party. BB has given housemates champions trophy, a selection of canapes and a magnum of champagne.

Most of the housemates are in the lounge playing spin the bottle.


Jennies asks pete quietly:
'Go on, who would you crack to in the house out of them'
Pete: 'Cant say'
Jennie: 'Go on, out of them three, go on' (meaning Aisleyne, Imogen and
Pete: 'Out of them three'
Jennie: 'Yeah, you tell me, out of this house, the women in this house'
Pete: 'every girl in this house'
Jennie: 'yeah'
Pete: 'ermmmmmm' he starts to laugh and get embarressed. 'Cant say'
Jennie: 'yeah you can go on...Pete'
Pete: 'nah'
Jennie: 'ok,wait, wait, we'll make it code'
Jennie then points to all the girls in the house and gives them a number.
Pete:'ok, you wont mind what i say'
Jennie: 'no, just say somebody'
After pete giggles a lot her then says 'you might feel funny' and jennie
smiles and says 'really?' and hugs pete.

Jennie tells Nikki not to worry about Spiral after he shouted at her after 'pulling faces at him'. She then explains to explain why Spiral was upset, she tells Aisleyne that Spiral was upset and angry and thought Nikki had been pulling faces at him while he was waiting to go into the dairy room.

Jennie then joined others in the bathroom.

It's then time for bed.