Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

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DAY 47

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With nominations taking place in the main house, house next door coverage was thin on the ground on Day 47. Jennie's day started with a spot of garden gymnastics with Michael.

Jennie: "Ladies and gentlemen..."for the flip jump it's Michael...yeaaaahh!" After 3 attempts, it was then Jennie's turn to have a go.

After the exercise, it was time for some sunbathing.

With the HND Housemates realising that Jayne had been moved next door, rather than evicted, Aisleyne is called to the Diary Room, where she explains that she "wish I never knew where they was going" before describing Jennie as "brilliant and beautiful and lovely", although saying that she would keep Spiral and Jonathan ahead of her.

The rest of the day saw the HND Housemates generally lounging around the house.

As dusk drew in, the housemates had a game of roleplay. As Jennie looked on, Jonathan and Aisleyne acted out a scene in which Jonathan nearly kissed Ais, causing much laughter to her and the others.

Later in the evening, it was practical joke time, with Aisleyne hiding in Spiral's bed whilst Jennie and the others quizzed him about his "admiration" of her.

Then it was time for bed.