Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

DAY 66

Jennie and Aisleyne also paired up quickly, as did Richard and Pete. Glyn and Mikey first went for a manly high five, but squirmed slightly as they held hands.

Aisleyne was up first with her bashment chant to Jennie, describing her as "soft as curly fluff". Although we're not sure what she meant by Jennie's "shiny eye". Just the one?

Tonight Aisleyne and Jennie were enjoying a girly giggle in the kitchen, when a hopeful Spiral appeared like a playful puppy gagging for a tummy tickle.

"Let me give you a kiss, a proper cheek kiss," he said, cosying up to Aisleyne. "Okay, but don't get it wet," she said, offering up her cheek.

But administering a peck wasn't enough for the Irishmen. "If you give me a proper kiss, you'll enjoy it," he said.

"If I give you a kiss I'll enjoy it?" she repeated, sniggering with Jennie.

"Yeah," he answered in all seriousness.

"You're thinking of her aren't you?" laughed Jennie. "It's all a selfless act."

"Yeah I am," he persisted. "Well, I'd enjoy it as well. But I know you would. Don't be shy."

"Nooooo," screamed Aisleyne. But Spiral couldn't be put off.

"Are you gonna let me or not?" he persisted.

"No," laughed an amused Aisleyne.

After a moment's pause, Spiral tried a new tack with: "I think we should just snog for the laugh, don't you?"

Collapsing into laughter with Jennie at his efforts, Aisleyne shook her head.

"What? You'll enjoy it," shrugged Spiral, finally walking off in defeat.

"He's hilarious, bless him," pitied Aisleyne. "I hope no-one thinks I'm a b**** cos I won't kiss him."

"Cos you don't marry him and have his kids?" joked Jennie. "Don't worry, you're not leading him on."

props game, punctuated bu susie not being happy about spiral moving susie's drawer


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