Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

DAY 81

The kids of the House, Glyn and Jennie, are always looking for a game to play or some mischief to get up to. And this afternoon they put a new spin on the conventional egg and spoon race, by creating the potato and spoon garden assault course.

"I might watch for a bit," Richard said, trying to avoid taking part. "I don't wanna play", Imogen said clocking the assault course. "Play it by yourself for a bit..." Pete told them. "You 18-year-olds have so much energy!"

But Jennie and Glyn didn't let the others spoil their fun. Jennie was off with her potato and spoon to negotiate the lamp, cushions and whatever else their assault course was made up of.

After stepping, Imogen and Glyn moved on to weights, and some bums and tums work. The exertion was making a lazy Jennie feel a bit guilty so she donned her trainers and started running around the garden.

After a brief jog, she began stepping by the pool while Richard sat at Nowhere and played personal trainer: "Faster, faster...keep your upper body straight!" he shouted to a sweaty Jennie.

"I feel great now." Imogen panted when her workout was finally over. "We're gonna do that every day now," Jennie said, taking a breather.

"If you drop the potato, it's an extra 5 seconds..." Jennie said, while Glyn timed her. With Jennie's run over, Glyn took up the challenge. But it was a case of more haste and less speed for Glyn as he kept dropping the potato. Oops.

And despite initially turning their noses up at the spoon and spud fun, Imogen and Richard soon changed their minds and wanted a piece of the action. Imogen was soon racing around the course and Richard smiled: "I'll have a go..."

Big Brother provided the housemates with 90 whole minutes of dance-tastic tunes in exchange for some cleaning. And they flipping loved it, like, loads.2 Unlimited sent Glyn, Jennie, Pete and Imogen into a crazy dance rage. They were bouncing all over the House, kicking, bopping and doing running-manning.

And boiler suit clad Glyn, Imogen, Aisleyne and Jennie all soon joined him for a big pool dance off.

But just as they were really getting in to it, the 90 minutes were up and the tunes stopped. Boo.

mysteries of life task (no jen details)

"I keep dreaming about her," he said.

"I keep saying her name 24/7," Aisleyne said, baffled at herself.

"I've dreamt about her every night," Pete responded.

At this point, Richard decided to cut to the chase and see how Pete reacted to a rather direct question.

"Pete," Richard prodded. "Can I ask you a personal question?" And before Pete had a chance to reply, Richard went right ahead and popped it: "Did you have a bit of a crush on her?"

"Maybe," Pete answered in a sing-song fashion, like a bashful 14-year-old.

Richard was onto him, and pressed for a better response.

"You did, didn't you," he squealed excitedly. Aisleyne was a bit confused. "I thought you had a crush on Jen," she said, puzzled, "more so than Nikki."

"Really?" Pete said surprised before adding: "I don't."

Aisleyne and Jennie got out bed to get some water in the middle of the night from the kitchen. Sucking on a bottle of water, Jennie said: "I just woke up for no reason, thinking something was going on."

"Yeah," Aisleyne agreed. "Me too."


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