Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

DAY 78

Big Brother woke them with a piercing alarm and as soon as they opened their eyes their thoughts turned to the impending test.

Jennie got straight into her character by dramatically exclaiming: "What Angel wakes me from my flowery bed," and Imogen started reciting body parts before she'd even wiped the sleep from her eyes

But Aisleyne was adamant: "I swear! This was a few hours ago. It was like in Predator when he goes invisible but you can see the shape. He was a goldie colour. I was like, 'what the f*** is that?'"

"I believe you, because it happened to me," said Imogen.

"Perhaps it's a stunt man who died on the sets over here," suggested Susie darkly.

"He was really short, the man was," recalled Aisleyne.

"Maybe a circus came to town and a little dwarf man got crushed," was Jennie's imaginative explanation. But whatever the ghost's origins, the housemates seemed happy to believe in its existence.

"But if he thinks it, the rest of House probably thinks it too," replied Aisleyne. "Does he think he will be here?"

"Probably," opined Imogen. "He thinks Glyn or Pete might win. But he said he hoped some girls would be there too - and he mentioned Susie and Jennie!

"He does things like that all the time," she added.

"He should at least do it when we're not there," said Aisleyne.

Imogen had more anti-Richard venom to get off her chest, ranting: "He always says to Susie that she looks so good and puts the young people to shame, and he told Jennie she looks like Angelina Jolie. It's just to get a reaction from us."

"Like I'm bothered," responded Aisleyne. "Do you think it's to make you feel insecure?"

"It's bulls***," snapped Imogen. "Why can't he wait until we're gone?"

Last to take the stage were Jennie in a fairy costume, and donkey-dressed Pete, who had a scene from Midsummer Night's Dream to perform.

"I'm s***ting my donkey knickers," confessed Pete, on the scary task of learning his words.

"And I'm no princess," nodded Jennie.

"I'm s***ting my pants," said Jennie, mounting the stage. But she was all smiles as she held her pass diploma in the air. "You know how Jennie rolls with the Shakespeare s***," she beamed.

It looked like another pass as Pete unfurled his certificate and gave a blood curdling "Yeaaaaaaaaaah". But turning it round to reveal a fail, he promptly shoved it his mouth and chewed away the offending results.

While her fellow housemates wrote in their yearbook, admired their grad photos and quaffed champagne, Aisleyne saved the last dance for the buffet, doing her own hand jive with the finger food and munching while she bopped.

"I feel sick," she whimpered, before sitting on the bed and scoffing another choccie. "Mmmm, this is better than a man."

"That's not hard," agreed Jennie.

Being a tough cookie, it's not very often Jennie opens her heart to Big Brother, but she took her chance in the Diary Room as eviction fear reared it's head.

Added to nomination woe, she wasn't happy about her prom gown..."I look like a man in drag," she quipped. "I hate dresses. I feel like the Hulk -- look at my muscles!" Conversation soon turned to more serious things though, notably Jennie's eviction nomination.

"I'm really worried about tomorrow because I don't know whether I want to go or not," she said thoughtfully. "I really don't know what I want. I miss me mum. Either way, I won't be f****** happy -- either way I'm going to moan."

Should she be evicted, Big Brother asked Jennie if she has any regrets about entering the House. "Not one," she said firmly. "Everything I do I learn by and better myself by."

When it came to Glyn's turn, Jennie scored top marks, saying that she loved Glyn and that she was his 'number one fan'.

In turn, Glyn passed the compliments on and Imogen had a special message from him which, translated, said that he wanted to stay close to her forever. Sounds like someone else has a 'number one fan'.

Since she arrived from the House Next Door, Jennie has been an object of fascination for Pete and his message confirmed that, saying: "I think you're wicked. Innit? Love, Pete."


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