Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

DAY 62

With the pool out of action, the housemates have found some navel, sorry, novel ways to pass the time of day in the hot sun.

But who could have predicted Jennie and Pete's ingenious discovery.

Jennie was fiddling with her tummy when Pete suddenly gave her belly button a poke. But rather than recoil, Jennie was intrigued. "Go all the way in. Keep pushing. It feels like it can go on forever. It's like suction.""Glyn, put your finger in there," said Jennie to the blonde Welshman.

"Do it properly Glyn," coached Pete.

"I just stuck my finger in your belly button," said Pete, giving his digit a sniff.

"What's it like?" asked Jennie.

"Yeah, it's nice," said Pete, making sure.

"Oh my God, do your thumb," screamed Jennie. "Do your thumb with nails first. Really stick it in!"

Pete shoved his finger inside her and let out a groan. "It's stuck! It's stuck to my thumb."

"Let me go," said Glyn, eager to give Jennie's hole a good probe.

"Did you feel it? Stick it in and try to pull it out fast," suggested the belly-obsessed girl. We're not making this up, honest.

"Urgh. It sucks your thumb," said the visibly impressed Welshman.

Full of her new trick, Jennie went over to where Mikey, Imogen and Aisleyne were sitting, and encouraged them to have a good poke about.

Ever obliging Mikey dutifully thrust his finger inside, and pulled a face. "She's horrible," he laughed.

nommos announced, jayne and richard

Goodness, talk about chalk and cheese. If Spiral says something is black, Jennie will swear down it's white. So Aisleyne has been trying to calm those rowdy kids down.

When they were living together in The House Next Door, Spiral and Jennie seemed to get along quite well. However, since entering the main House those little blighters have fought like cat and dog. They were at each other again tonight so Aisleyne took Spiral aside for a little chat.

"You're both firey people," Aisleyne told Spiral, to which he replied: "I've said [to Jennie] 'I could see myself going clubbing with ya', but... living with each other... we clash a lot...". He then added: "Ididn't want all this s***.." "Just for the sake of peace?" Aisleyne said, trying to calm the situation. Spiral shook his head, "Is that wrong?"

"No, I don't think that's wrong... remember she's 18," Aisleyne reasoned. "That's why I ignore her!" Spiral explained.

"She's said a lot of things I don't agree with... when you live with people, it's very difficult," Aisleyne told him.

"I'm the character; if I believe in something, I don't back down!" Spiral ranted. "That's fine," Aisleyne said remaining calm. "Just be careful in the manner you put it across."

Finally feeling ready to make the peace with Jennie, Spiral reluctantly mumbled: "I'm gonna talk to her."

Then Pete and Jennie started chatting nonsense. "Jen!" Pete yelled from his bed. "Yeah?" she replied. "Are you asleep?" he shouted.


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