Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

DAY 82

"Glyn! You've farted haven't you?" Jennie shouted. "Glyn! That's disgusting!" Imogen moaned as the smell reached her bed. "Oh my God! That f****** hums!"
"I'm gonna be sick... I've gotta leave the room!" Jennie screeched, making a run from her bed and stinky-bottom Glyn.

Covering her face with her hands, Imogen told Glyn: "You shouldn't do that in someone's bed!"

But Glyn thought it was hilarious and chuckled away at the girls' complaints. "I'm around men all the time and it never has an effect on me. That has just knocked me sideways," Jennie grimaced.

"It's pretty gross," Richard sighed, walking into the whiff.

"That boy is dead inside!" Jennie laughed. "You dirty f*****! Don't touch me! You dirty, dirty boy!"

As the housemates have to nominate alphabetically, Aisleyne was obviously first and boy did she take her time. Her housemates were getting just a tad frustrated about having to wait, especially Richard.

"What's she doing in there?!" he suddenly released. "It's gonna be difficult," Jennie sighed. "It's so pathetic. I don't care," Imogen added.

More time ticked by and still there was no sign of Aisleyne. "Okay Aisleyne! I wanna get out of here!" Richard shouted. "I can just see her going 'I can't do this' for 45 minutes..."

Imogen fell asleep on Glyn's shoulder, Jennie closed her eyes and rested her head on Pete's shoulder, but Richard was just restless. "Did she take a bottle of wine in there?" he bitched.

"I don't understand. What is she doing?" Jennie said, trying to open her eyes.

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