Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

DAY 68

Sitting up in their beds, the housemates had massive grins as they sang along to the Ben E King classic 'Stand By Me'. Jennie and Aisleyne carried on spooning in bed, and friends Imogen and Susie got together in the middle of the bedroom for a slow dance

'Thank you for Being a Friend' was next up on Big Brother's jukebox, and renowned shape shifters Pete, Mikey and Glyn just couldn't help themselves. They had arms and legs all over the show as they got down to the tune.

But Big Brother then had to remind housemates that they must hug their best friend for the duration of the songs. "Oh bum, " Susie said, cuddling back up to Imogen, "Is that what we're meant to be doing?"

Pete hugged Richard while the latter popped in his contacts, and Mikey and Glyn had a beautiful up-close and personal slow dance. Aww.

"They're gonna make us do something horrible to our friend," Aisleyne worried as the tracks just kept coming.


It's a whole new kettle of fish for nominations this week. The Best Friends have to nominate in pairs and Jennie and Aisleyne are feeling sick about what they've done.

Aisleyne and Jennie spent a fair amount of time in the Diary Room this afternoon giving their nominations. When they returned to the House and came face to face with their housemates, the guilt got all too much for them.

"F****** hell, I feel sick," Aisleyne whispered to Jennie. "I feel absolutely sick. I feel like doing this..." Aisleyne wrote a very, very naughty word on her forehead. Jennie was also feeling bad: "I'm sure my face was browner before I went in there!"

"Oh babes, s***, s***! I feel like s***!" Aisleyne continued to moan. "I feel like f****** flies on s***!" Jennie admitted.

"I'm so glad it's together," Aisleyne confessed about the nominations. "I'm so glad we're best friends," Jennie agreed, before adding: "I feel really ill."

Mikey came in from the garden to join the guilt-ridden duo. "Can I have a hug Mikey?" Aisleyne quickly asked. "Can I have one after?" Jennie called.

Hugs over, it was then time for Mikey and Glyn to go and do the nomination deed. Spiral clocked Jennie's reaction as she watched them go in to the Diary Room. "Look at Jennie now," he whispered to Imogen. "Look at her biting her nails...she doesn't know what to do, I'm telling ya."


double nommos announced


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