Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

DAY 61

hms awoken by hoover alarm


With housemates buckling under the strain of no grub, no hot water and now no drumming, what they really need is something to take their mind off their problems.

So Jennie stepped in with a late-night relaxation class.

Spiral, Mikey, Susie, Glyn, Imogen and Jayne got flat on their backs, took deep breaths and let the teenager sweep them away to another world. With instructions to 'breathe slowly,' Jennie told the housemates they were on a beach and walking in a forest. It seemed to work too, as it's the quietest any of them have been in days."You're on the beach, but the sun has disappeared," said Jennie, running to grab a cup of water from the kitchen. "Now you feel the rain," she said, flicking water on the housemates. "But it calms you. Unless you're Mikey and you don't want it to ruin your hair."

"I'm gonna batter you," laughed Mikey. "**** off you with your rain."

Giggling, Jennie brought the housemates back to the reality of the living room floor.

"I like that," said Jayne. "I was floating."

"I feel like I'm gonna fall over," said Glyn, still lying on the floor.

"I smelt s*** in the forest and everything," said Jayne.

"Was it your own s***?" asked Imogen.

"I got bored so I thought I'd wake you with rain," said Jennie, controlling the weather.

Jennie and Glyn have joined forces for a bizarre bedtime bop, with a grinding gatecrasher unable to hack the pace of their gyrating.

The couple stood side by side in the darkened bedroom and started to dance to the tune of 'The Banana Boat Song' - courtesy of Glyn's whispered vocals.

"Day-o, day-o, Daylight come and me want to go home," he sung quietly, so as not to disturb those wishing to sleep. But a certain Irishman's ears pricked up immediately.

Spiral sauntered over, and instead of providing a cameo rap he tried to join in with their jiggling.

But sniggers soon overcame Glyn's soundtrack as Spiral proved unable to get down with the kids. Sandwiched between the 18-year-olds, the DJ looked as if he was on a two-second time delay.

All boogied out, they headed for bed, with Glyn snuggling up to Jennie. But instead of drifting off, they opted for some silky moves under the duvet.

Steady on - it was all innocent! For they were only rehearsing a few of the arm movements from their dance, throwing their hands from side to side and up and down.

"You're driving me up the wall!" Jennie joked to the eccentric Welsh lad, who refused to stop singing.


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