Jennie's Big Brother 7 Story

DAY 67

Big Brother decided a show of affection was needed in the wee small hours, awakening the gang at 3.03am as part of their latest task. But some appreciated the late night hugging more than others...

Once the opening bars of classic soul song 'The Two of Us' began to filter through, the housemates sprang to their feet. Aisleyne's screams of "Get up! Get up!" helped, punctuated with various expletives from the others. Most of the group staggered out to the living room, with Aisleyne and Jennie making an early bid for cheeriest couple.

All smiles, they swayed gently in each other's arms, with the promo girl declaring, "I love this song!"


That's Joe Cocker, whose task-themed Little Help From My Friends forced the tired group from the land of nod and into five laboured embraces in the bedroom.

The cruel thing about it was that they'd been made to do exactly the same thing just six hours earlier. But they managed to retain a lovey-dovey air, even if they were literally falling asleep on each other.

The housemates can choose to get their pals anything their heart desires... as long as it costs less than £10. "Get Michael some cat food for Scruples, he'd love that," Pete recommended to Spiral, while Jennie told the Dubliner to "spend a tenner on cat toys".
Jennie managed to make her tenner go a long way, requesting: "Disposable razors, cotton wool buds, Lea's bendy rollers, an alcoholic punch and a cheap teddy bear." Clearly a woman who frequents pound shops. Amazingly, she'll be getting a teddy back in return from Aisleyne, as well as some moisturising cream.

story writing task: Jennie was next to read to the housemates and her story was of 'Ghetto Princess Aisleyne of Old London Town'. You get the picture.

Christmas comes but once a year. Except in the Big Brother House, where today there was a flurry of gift-giving.

Like excited kiddies, the housemates gathered on the sofas as Pete and Richard played Santa. Out of the golden sack came piles of shiny gifts, and the housemates could hardly contain their excitement.

"How did she do that?" asked Aisleyne pointing to her mountain of presents chosen by Jennie."It's just bits and bobs," shrugged the modest Scouser. Aisleyne and Jennie both gave each other bears and some girly treats. Jennie welled up saying: "I love Christmas, merry Christmas everyone."


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