The emotions of Jennie.

Has there ever been a more "real" housemate than Jennie? She wore her heart on her sleeve, and her face was so expressive it was impossible for her to hide her feelings. Here's a few of Jennie's "I look how I feel" expressions.

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Fed up Jennie
V. happy Jennie
Content Jennie
Chuffed Jennie
Concentrating Jennie
Concerned Jennie
Steadfast Jennie
Aggravated Jennie
Giggling Jennie
Nervous Jennie
Annoyed Jennie
Pondering Jennie
Regretful Jennie
Low Jennie
Furious Jennie
Amused Jennie
Exasperated Jennie
Fearful Jennie
Witty Jennie
Exhausted Jennie
Angry Jennie
Upset Jennie
Rolling eyes Jennie
Bored Jennie
Delighted Jennie
Sleepy Jennie
Happy Jennie
Glum Jennie
Wondering Jennie
Guilty Jennie
Reflecting Jennie
Wild Jennie
Ecstatic Jennie
Sheepish Jennie
Listening Jennie
Pleased Jennie
Solemn Jennie
Sad Jennie
Life is Sweet Jennie
Lonely Jennie
Appalled Jennie
Disgusted Jennie

And finally, in the space of 5 seconds, Jennie goes through a rollercoaster of emotions as she finds out she's leaving the house.